New polypeptides, kits and methods for the isolation of SUMOylated proteins.

CIC bioGUNE is a research center exploring the interface between Chemistry and Biomedicine, with emphasis on Structural, Molecular and Cell Biology, with the aim to create new diagnostic methods and promote development of advanced therapies.

Innovation in Protein Isolation

  • High efficacy method for the isolation of post-translationally modified proteins by addition of SUMO (small ubiquitin modifier) protein by affinity binding of said proteins to the new polypeptides. New polypeptides contain tandem arrangements of SUMO interacting motifs (SIM).

Additional Information

  • SUMO protein regulates protein activity and stability.
  • Se han descrito proteínas con adición postraduccional de SUMO, entre ellas, proteínas oncogénicas, como PML y proteínas de transporte, como RanGAP1.
  • The new polypeptides, kits and methods allow identification of SUMO substrates and study of SUMO-regulated processes.


International patent application PCT No. WO 2012/054039.

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All patents have been prosecuted by the firm Manuel Illescas y Asociados, S.L.U.

Polypeptides comprising SUMO interacting motifs (SIM), processes for obtaining said polypeptides, kits comprising said polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding said polypeptides, gene constructs, vectors and cells comprising said polynucleotides and methods and/or uses for the isolation of SUMOylated proteins, based on said polypeptides, are protected.