New recombinant mutant enzyme prethrombin-2, autocatalytically activated into active thrombin.

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  • The recombinant mutant enzyme prethrombin-2 contains a cleavage site for thrombin and is autocatalytically activated into active thrombin.
  • The present invention provides recombinant mutant human and murine prethrombin-2 with autocatalytic activation activity. The product resulting from the activation of this proenzyme with thrombin, catalyses the activation of the proenzyme in an autocatalytic activation process. The result is a rapidly spreading cascade of prethrombin conversion that results in an immediate effect associated to the thrombin activity.
  • In the absence of thrombin or other activating agent, the proenzyme is completely stable.


  • Autocatalytic prethrombin-2 is highly stable.
  • Compatible with large-scale thrombin production using bacterial expression systems.
  • Example applications include its use as hemostatic drug; thrombin detection; prothrombin detection in human plasma and its use as biochemical assays by signal amplification cascade.


International patent application PCT No. WO 2013/064542

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Recombinant mutant enzyme prethrombin-2, uses and kits for detecting thrombin/prothrombin and methods for producing thrombin are protected.