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“To protect innovation today is to ensure the future.”

M. Illescas


Patents and Utility Models

Patents and Utility Models

MIA provides full services in patent matters, whether at a European level before the European Patent Office, at a national level in Spain, or at an international level.

Drafting and Prosecution of Patent and Utility Model Applications

MIA drafts patent and utility model specifications based on the information provided by our clients, with whom our personnel establish a close working relationship by phone, video conference, email or personal meetings. The technical information regarding the invention to be patented is complemented with customized, defined research.

MIA directly handles European, Spanish and international patent (PCT) proceedings. In addition, our firm has a network of trusted partners, which allows us to offer high quality national services in patent and utility model proceedings on a worldwide level.

Patentability Reports

MIA generates tailored reports on patentability in which it is evaluated whether an invention complies with the requirements of patentability over the prior art, as well as the scope of protection that can be expected.

Freedom-to-Operate Reports

MIA has vast experience in evaluating the risk of infringement of third party rights by production, sale or use of a specific product or activity. These freedom-to-operate reports are crucial before launching a new product on the market.

Technological Monitoring

In addition to traditional patent processing services, MIA offers global alert systems that allow the latest information on new patent and utility model applications published in specific technology sectors, defined according to technical profiles designed for each client.

Trademarks and Designs

Trademarks and Designs

MIA directly handles registration and proceedings for European Community, Spanish and international trademarks and industrial designs, before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. In addition, we also have extensive experience in evaluating the risk of infringement and nullity of trademarks and industrial designs through background searches and reports. MIA also files and national services concerning trademarks and designs on a worldwide level.

At MIA, we provide advice on all matters of new trademarks and designs, in order to minimise the risks of infraction of rights held by third parties.



At MIA we protect the rights of artists and inventors, especially in the software sector, through customized protection strategies.

Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel

MIA has extensive experience in legal matters related to defending intellectual property rights in court, drawing up expert and legal opinions, contracts and licenses.

Thanks to the experience of the team at MIA, we offer assistance in nullity and infringement proceedings relating to patents, trademarks and designs. Due to our expertise, our employees frequently take part in litigation proceedings concerning patents, trademarks and designs.

Moreover, MIA additionally offers counsel on legal matters such as negotiation of patent, trademark and design licenses, drafting of technology-transfer contracts, confidentiality agreements and protective clauses for inventions in employment contracts.